Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Have “go to” Meals


I used to love watching What Not to Wear. Although most of the clothes bought would be way out of my price range, the tips were very useful.  One of the biggest things they tried to get people to do is create a go to outfit.  The idea was to have outfits available that you know go together and look great so that you can quickly get dressed and out the door.  No muss, no fuss.

I think this concept can be used in other parts of your life.  Especially in the area of weight loss.  In essence, you are changing your habits and learning a new way to feed yourself when you go on a diet.  This means that every meal is going to be new for you and it is going to take you longer than normal to prepare.

This is where being prepared can help.  Sometimes, you don’t have the time or are distracted by something else.  If you don’t have easy options at the ready, you are likely to slip into old bad habits.  After all, you probably already have favorite “go to” foods like cookies, chips, or greasy fast food.  Taking some time now to think of easy food options that fits your lifestyle will go a long way to keeping you on your best footing on the road to weight loss.

For me, I have a healthy cereal, a quick salad, and a large batch of healthy spaghetti, chili, or another healthy leftover to choose from.  I also stock up on some filling snacks like cheese cubes, fruit, and granola bars.  I’ve also scouted out healthy meals at my favorite places to eat

I find that having two of my meals (usually breakfast and lunch) coming from my short list of easy foods lends just enough stability to help me stick with a diet for the long run.

Remember, diet smarter not harder!


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