Book Review: Wreck This Journal


This isn’t your ordinary journal.  Its title is more of a set of marching orders than a description.  Its purpose is to be destroyed.  Each page has a suggestion of ways to do so by staining, licking, chewing, and even selling the pages.  It is chocked full of silly activities like documenting your dinner by smearing the page with the food or dragging the book behind you on a string.

Ok, so I might be stretching the self help book review theme here a bit. (I am currently finishing up the next crop of books, stay tuned!) But, I believe this book is it’s own form of therapy.

As, I’ve written before, we sometimes get trapped by bad habits and destructive assumptions.  We might want to create change in our life, but that change is hard.  We’ve built up a complex world of can’ts and dont’s that becomes a cage, keeping us on the slow path to self destruction.

That’s why I love this book.  It gives you permission to break the rules and have fun while doing it.  Using this book teaches you to question the assumptions about the world around you and frees you to do things differently.

Also, when you are having a frustrating day, you can take it out and do some productive destruction with one of the more intense suggestions in the book like throwing from a very high building.

Like I said before, big changes come in small steps.  Maybe spitting coffee onto the pages of this book can be your first step to the person you always wanted to be.


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