Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Waste Energy!

Pinching pennies and not being wasteful can be great for your bank account but it can wreak havoc on your waistline.

That’s what your fat is: your body’s energy piggy bank.  When you take in too much energy (food), your body saves it for a rainy day.  This was very useful back in the day when people didn’t know when they’d find food, but not really necessary in a world where Twinkies can outlast an apocalypse.

In a society where efficiency is king,  we’ve become the masters at saving energy and our thunder thigh piggy banks are bigger than ever.

It’s a skill the obese and overweight could live without.  Literally.  It’s killing you.

Let’s break it down for a minute.

Each calorie you “save” goes into fatty tissue.  3,500 of those calories make 1 pound.   Someone who is 50lbs overweight has “saved” 175,000 calories over a lifetime.

And for what? An alien invasion? When are you possibly going to need that many extra calories?


Waste those calories, you don’t need them! Tap your feet, twiddle your thumbs, chew gum.  Take the long way to the copier at work.  Park further from the entrance to the store.  Bring groceries in one bag at a time, even one item at a time.  Pace while on the phone.  Stand while you wait at the pharmacy.  Click a pen.

Be creative.  Have fun thinking up the most inefficient way of doing things. Make it your Rube Goldberg device of living.

If each day you picked 10 activities that wasted 10 calories each, you’d waste 100 calories a day.  In one week, that’s 700 calories.  That’s a pound every 5 weeks and 10 pounds in one year!

Talk about a boost in your weight loss efforts!

Some years ago, a Dr. Levine did a study where he found that a process called NEAT (Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis) could account for as much as 2,000 calories burned in a day.  NEAT is responsible for the burning of calories not used for body maintenance or through exercise.  People with a healthy weight use NEAT as a means to burn off any extra calories they may have eaten in a day.

These people were more likely to be fidgety and less likely to sit still for long periods of time.

For more information, read this PDF from the Mayo Clinic.

My challenge to you is to try to break the thrifty habit and try the NEAT new habit of being wasteful!


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